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    Guilin GLsun Science and Tech Group Co.,LTD.

    Founded in 2001, Guilin GLsun Science and Tech Group Co.,LTD. , China, designs, develops, manufactures and markets advanced optical components and modules. GLSUN holds many technical patents on optics. Product lines include Optical Switches, Free Space Isolator, MEMS VOA,CWDM/DWDM components, Optical Modules  and Custom Optical test systems.


    Since its establishment, GLsun has striven to be an innovative and advanced technical company. The company’s optical components and custom modules have been deployed to various applications and sub-systems in market segments such as Network Monitoring & Protection, Network Intelligence & Analytics, Service Providers and Network Test Sub-systems. 


    GLsun has been growing rapidly and has now become one of the largest Optical Switch & component manufacturers in Asia today. The company is well reputed and widely perceived as top quality, cost-effective, Pro-active customer service and technically innovative. 



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