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N-1×1 Optical Switch

Channel No.:N ≤ 40

Switch Type:Latching

Fiber Type:SM(9/125um)

Connector :LC / UPC


Product Details

Optical path conversion optical path. Play an important role in the optical 0communication applications. Optical switches are mainly used: optical transmission systems in optical monitoring of the LAN multi-light source / detector automatically access and light multi-ports sensory dynamic monitoring system; optical test systems for fiber optics, optical devices, networks and fiber optic cable testing in open country project ; optical devices assembly and adjusting, etc.


·Low insertion loss, fast switching.
·Hot backup of double power supply, support hot-plugging.
·LED display panel. Visual display, convenient operation.
·Transparent transmission signal. High stability and reliability.
·Control multiple optical switching devices with a serial port.
·Support WEB、SNMP、TELNET、SSH, FTP log download,etc

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