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Multi-channel Optical Link Selector

Channel No.:16 to 2(D1×8); 32 to 2(D1×16)

Fiber Type:SM(9/125um)

Connector:LC / PC

Chassis Type:1U, 2U or Customized

Product Details

Optical Link selector is mainly used in multi-channel optical monitoring of optical transmission system, LAN
multi-source/detector auto-exchange, optical sensing multi-point dynamic monitoring system, cable test of optical fiber, optical devices, networks and field projects in optical test system, optical device debugging and installation, monitoring multi-link network data security in data security,etc


·Low insertion loss, fast switching

·Hot backup of double power supply, support hot-plugging.

·LED display panel. Visual display, convenient operation.

·Transparent transmission signal.

·High stability and reliability.

·Channel and time interval of automatic scanning can be set up.

·Support WEB, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, FTP log download,etc.


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