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Smart Optical Bypass Switch BPS2000

Guard Mode :SM1:1, SM1+1, MM1:1, MM1+1

Fiber Type :SM(9/125um), MM(62.5/125um)

Connector :LC / PC

Storage Temperature:-40 ~ 85℃

Dimension:1U (482.6×200×44mm)

Product Details

Smart optical bypass switches integrate optical switching modules, optical detection and heart rate monitoring, which provide bypass protection when optical network node equipment appear power interruption, hardware
failure, software deadlock etc to insure the normal signal transmission. Mainly used in flow control equipment, signal safety analysis, gigabit data communications and other fields.


·1U Plug-type design, support four ways, mixed insertion for single mode and multimode.

·Hot backup of double power supply, ·support hot-plugging.

·LCD display panel. Visual display, convenient operation.

·Diversification of heartbeat.


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