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N+1 Optical Cross Protection

Channel No.:4+1, 8+1, 16+1

Fiber Type:SM(9/125um)

Connector:SC / APC

Storage Temperature:-40 ~ 85℃

Chassis Type:1U, 2U or Customized

Product Details

N+1 Optical cross protection system is a kind of matrix switch protection system which uses a backup light-emitting device to protect more than one main light-emitting device. In optical fiber transmission system, if there are 8 light-emitting devices and one of them is backup, when any of light-emitting devices breaks down but the backup works normally, the optical cross protection equipment will switch to the backup within milliseconds to keep the system working.


·Low insertion loss, fast switching

·Hot backup of double power supply, support hot-plugging.      

·LED display panel. Visual display, convenient operation.

·Transparent transmission signal. High stability and reliability.

·One backup that multi-channel shares

·Support WEB、SNMP、TELNET、SSH, FTP log download,etc


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