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OTS3000 Transmission Equipment

Chassis Size:1U, 2U, 4U

1U Dimension:482.6×300×44mm

2U Dimension:482.6×300×89mm

4U Dimension:482.6×300×178mm

Product Details

OTS3000 equipment is a kind of optical communication integrated system, glsun independently research ,develop and design it. Its high density and high integration enable the system provide rich function s and flexible configurations. Otherwise, it provides LCD GUI user interface and rich network management functions.

OTS3000 adopts the standard 19 inches chassis design, with the size of 1U, 2U ,4Uetc. The redundant power and pluggable design support dual AC, dual DC ,and AC&DC power supply mode. This equipment provides 20 function card slots maximum, two kinds of NUM and 50W,100W,200W power card, and supports DWDM,CWDM,OADM,OTU,OEO,EDFA,SOA,OSW,OPD,LSU,VOA, and TMUX function card, thus it is widely used in optical transmission , optical protection, cable monitoring and data safety field.



◆Modularized design of the function card,flexible networking of CWDM, DWDM transmission, protection and monitoring.

◆Configuration,performance, alarm and safety management etc.

◆Pluggable 1+1 redundant power,provide stable power supply for the equipment.

◆4U equipment provides 19 function card slots maximum, to enrich the function for network.

◆Web based GUI user interface management, easy for engineering installation.

◆Support SNMP, WEB, TELNET and SSH network protocol remote management.


◆CWDM, DWDM Optical Transmission Network

◆Optical Protection Network

◆Cable Monitoring Network


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