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Multicast Switch MCS 8x8 Module

Wavelength Range:1527 nm; 1568nm

Test Wavelength:1550nm

Operating Temperature:-5~+60℃

Storage Temperature:-40~+85℃

Dimension:160(L) x120(W) x15(H) ±0.2mm

Product Details

Multicast Switch (MCS) series are designed for next generation of CDC-ROADM system based on PLC splitter and MEMS optical switch technology. The product is an integrated module containing 8x8 type MCS and electronic control unit inside. The module could implement any optical input can be routed to any of the out ports function. It could be used at key locations in the CDC-ROADM optical network.


ADD & DROP in one module                    

Hitless switching                              

Low insert loss

Low power dissipation


 DWDM Networks

 ROADM Systems


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