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D2x2B Optical Switch

Fiber Configuration:Dual 2x2B

Control Model:Latching / Non-Latching

Voltage Type:3.0V or 5.0V

Wavelength Range :850±40 / 1300±40; 1260 ~ 1650nm

Dimension:(L)27.0×(W)12.6×(H)8.2 ±0.2mm

Product Details

SUN-FSW-D2x2B Optical Switch, which is famous for its high performance, low insertion loss and compact dimension: (L)27.0×(W)12.6×(H)8.2mm. It is an ideal component for OADM, OXC, system monitoring and protection. With compact package, it can be easy to integrate into a high density optical communication system.

圖片1.png Features

·Low Insertion Loss

·Wide Wavelength Range

·Low Crosstalk

·High Stability, High Reliability

·Epoxy-free on Optical Path

·Latching and Non-latching 

圖片1.png Applications

·R&D in Laboratory

·System Monitoring


·MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

·Network Security and Monitoring

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