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Bypass Optical Protection System BPS1000

Guard Mode:1:1 / 1+1

Test Wavelength:1310 / 1550nm; 850nm

Fiber Type:SM(9/125um)MM(62.5/125um)

Connector:LC / PC

Communication Port:RS-232, RJ45

Product Details

BPS1000 optical bypass protection system integrates optical switching modules, optical monitoring modules and heart rate monitoring, which provides bypass protection when optical network node equipments appear power interruption, hardware failure, software deadlock etc to insure the normal signal transmission. Mainly used in flow control equipment, signal safety analysis, gigabit data communications and other fields.


· Transparent transmission signal, high stability, high reliability

· Diversification heartbeat, support independent control or group control

· Low insertion loss

· Support gigabit networks

· Customization of product functions and appearance is available.

· Support four ways

· Support TCP protocol command management, support WEB management


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